As specialists in the bespoke industry, a full range of custom clothing products are offered, which can be further customized and personalized as required.

Bespoke Men’s Clothing: Suits, Sports Jackets, Trousers, Shirts, Tuxedos, Overcoats and Vests Delivered Worldwide

Our bespoke men’s clothing service is available to men’s clothing retailers across the globe. As specialist manufacturers with many years of experience, we are able to produce extremely high-quality clothing to meet the needs of clients who demand the very best and will settle for nothing less. Thanks to our location and our relationships with excellent fabric suppliers, we are able to provide this service to you at unbeatable prices. From Suits,Tuxedos, and Sports Jackets, to Shirts, Trousers, Overcoats and Vests, we manufacture a full range of quality men’s garments, all of which can be customised to suit the style preferences of individual customers.

If you have any questions about our range of bespoke men’s or women’s clothing, or you would like to discuss prices and delivery times for specific garments, please do not hesitate to call or email us at any time. We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service to our clients across the globe and we look forward to helping you do the same for your own customers, wherever you may be located.

Custom Tailored Suits

With our manufacturing expertise, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality Suits made to your specifications, leaving you free to focus on increasing sales and attending to in-store customers. We provide you with an intuitive, user-friendly, ordering platform to simplify the process of letting us know what you need: all you need to do is enter the relevant measurements, choose the style and fabric options that your customers have asked for, then submit your orders. We take care of all the details and dispatch your garments as soon as they have been completed. And with our strict QA system, you can rest assured that every Suit we send will be perfect.

Custom Tailored Sports Jackets

Steadily becoming a must-have in the closet for professional as well as semi-casual wear, the range of colors and patterns that we will avail to you will almost seem endless. Coupled with a host of customizations that are available for you to offer your clients, the decision to continue ordering Sports Jackets from you will simply be a non-issue.

Custom Tailored Trousers

A well fitted pair of Trousers on a Man or Woman makes a big difference on the overall professional look that is achieved, and your clients have the added benefit of being able to identify the style itself as well; be it a modern tapered fit, a classic taper to even a boot cut look. You will be able to provide the best of both worlds to your clients in terms of the fit and style.

Custom Tailored Shirts

We manufacture casual and business shirts for men in a wide variety of styles. Whether your customers are asking for pastel shirts with front pockets or white business shirts with French cuffs, we can fulfil all of your needs. We have access to top quality, double-ply, wrinkle resistant cotton fabrics at very competitive prices, ensuring that your costs remain under control at all times.

Custom Tailored Tuxedo Suits

Our expertise with formal wear means that we can help you to offer your customers a full range of bespoke garments, including Tuxedos for evening wear. In common with all of the clothing we manufacture, these garments will be made to your clients’ individual measurements and specifications, ensuring complete satisfaction every time. With a choice of exceptional fabrics at reasonable prices and our quality guarantee, your clients will love the Tuxedos that we make for your store.

Custom Tailored Overcoats

Business and Smart-Casual Overcoats made from a range of winter weight top end wools can be ordered using the same user-friendly platform we provide for all our men’s clothing products. Tailored Overcoats are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe and with our efficient service, you can offer your customers the best products at the best prices possible.

Custom Tailored Vests

A Vest is one of the best ‘accessories’ a man can have that can change the full look of a Suit. Be it a Vest to be worn with a Tuxedo formally, as a high-end Three Piece Suit, or even as a semi-casual Vest in itself, a bespoke Vest will feel exactly that, as several key components, including the right length, the back of Vest being tailored in the same Suiting fabric, as opposed to just the lining fabric, are taken into account.